Sunday, November 7, 2010

Michael Kelly & Matthew Tatarian, Continued

This map may offer more concrete evidence of Michael Kelly and Matthew Tatarian's business model. This map, created using SEMCOG and City of Detroit Assessor data, shows the properties owned by Kelly and Tatarian, and notes whether the properties are within 45' of a parcel owned by the City of Detroit, the Wayne County Land Bank, or a local non-profit. (I excluded the State of Michigan, Wayne County or the Federal Government because these governments do not usually collect property for parcel assembly- rather, they usually focus on disposition.) I chose this distance based on the distribution of street widths and lot frontages throughout the city - nearly all of the city's lots are between 30 and 40 feet wide. Using this metric, a 45' radius includes properties adjacent to, and two doors down from, a Kelly-owned property without including properties further away. Similarly, this radius includes properties across alleys and streets, without including properties across both a street and an alley.

Clearly, this map suggests that Kelly and Tatarian seek properties in areas near properties owned by non-profits and property-assembling governments. Nearly 75% (1048/1405) of properties owned by Kelly and Tatarian are within 45' of city- or non-profit-owned properties, about twice the rate for other properties.


  1. Robbie --

    This may require some real coding jiu-jitsu (and digital infrastructure Wayne Co. may not have), but is it possible to take this a step further and figure out from digital county records what they have paid for various parcels and what they have sold them for and map that?

  2. Hi Dale- Thank you for these ideas! I concur that that would be incredibly useful and interesting. I can get the data for the amount he paid for the property he still holds, but looking up prices for property he has already sold is more difficult (because I don't have a list of the property he used to own). I'll certainly look into this, however.

  3. Hi Robert,
    Don't non-profits have the option to occupy a municipally owned property for free by way of their 501c3 status? I think they end up in "bad" neighborhoods because that's where all the reclaimed (by the city) properties are located. Could it be that Kelly and Tatarian just seek to purchase cut rate property and that those rates are only available in the "bad" neighborhoods that non profits end up in? what's your theory regarding K & T's "strategy" for purchasing property near non-profits and property-assembling governments?

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